InterSystems Official
· Nov 13, 2023

InterSystems Studio deprecation news

As first announced in May, and after many presentations and robust discussions at Global Summit 2023, we are continuing with the plans to deprecate InterSystems Studio (deprecated designates a feature or technology that InterSystems no longer actively develops, and for which better options exist).

InterSystems Studio was deprecated in 2023.2 but will continue to ship with versions 2023.3 and 2024.1. The latter will be the last release that includes Studio as part of the Windows kit, and it will be the only version that allows connections to future versions of InterSystems IRIS. This version that ships with 2024.1 will continue to be available as a standalone tool on the WRC component download page as it is today. 

As always, VS Code with the InterSystems ObjectScript Extension Pack is recommended for all InterSystems' development. Check out the Studio migration guide for help getting started. And if you haven't tried VS Code recently, note a new feature, XML import/export, makes adoption even easier.

Thank you deeply for your in-person feedback this past June. I'm always more than happy to hear your experiences and challenges, and look forward to you joining us in enhancing our new flagship IDE.

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