Ah I think I missed that part of your initial question. Studio isn't like other IDEs where it will save to a workspace on the filesystem, Studio writes to the IRIS database hence why it's asking you to connect to a (running) instance. That's why the icon is grey I assume, because you're not running IRIS. Since you said you installed IRIS and not just Studio I'm assuming you do have that IRIS instance available, but I don't know if Studio matches what you are looking for exactly - a barebones IDE that doesn't need to connect to anything.

Hi Ben,

Are you sure the install completed properly? Under the bin directory you can use CStudio.exe to launch Studio. If the tray "IR" icon doesn't appear, you can launch it with iristray.exe.

edit: Relevant docs here:



Hopefully you've figured this out by now but I'd suggest looking at the Filezilla logs to see if anythings stands out compared to the ssh log you get from IRIS.

My best guess is that the FTP server may not support specifically "key-pair" authentication or might require multiple forms of authentication and the other sftp methods you tried (Filezilla, sftp) may be succeeding with other auth methods. This is somewhat documented here:


You could reach out to the WRC with this.

As Alexander said, I would not recommend deleting journals from the OS. Worst case you make mirror syncing or transactions fail, or less bad but annoying you can orphan journals from the instance's record.

Journals are an important part of backup recovery as well (though a mirror covers some of that recovery role). How many days of journals are you keeping such that you fill your disk?

What kind of processes? Most user processes will need to be restarted on the other member. The mirror has some mechanisms to allow for, for example, productions to start automatically on failover, but for any given random process you probably need to handle that manually. You can use ZMIRROR.


Hi Paul,

This depends on the details of how your web server and gateway were set up. Are you unable to log in to the gateway management page? That would normally tell you where the gateway is installed (and thus where the event log and so on are).

Do you have a /webgateway folder under /opt?


Hi Roger,

The latest InterSystems product is IRIS, but in the Caché documentation you can find various chapters on converting from MSM > Caché.


I'd suggest reaching out to the InterSystems sales department as they may be able to assist you or point you in a direction for moving off MSM onto something more modern.


John should be on the right track here, but to elaborate here are the relevant docs:


A mirrored ECP connection will try to connect to the primary, but your message is telling you that you don't have an active primary mirror member. You should investigate the mirror status / messages.log.

Hello Ephraim,

This seems like a better question for InterSystems Support / WRC who can look at the full log and system to try and determine what's happening.

From a file system disk space perspective, the database is almost filling the disk, but there is free space WITHIN the database from the IRIS perspective.

Regarding the performance side of things, what did you check such that it looks fine? CPU / memory / disk? When did the warnings start and are they ongoing? What's being done on the system, anything abnormal?