Please try to avoid $zu commands wherever possible as they are subject to change and have been deprecated.

The replacement for zu(110) for example is %SYS.System.GetNodeName(), as seen in the list of replacement functions here:

$ZUTIL Function Replacements

Interesting question. I didn't see anything for this in the class reference either. I'll be following this post.

That is an interesting idea, but I don't have too much experience with zf(-100). Hope you can find some help.

Hi Tim,

That's kind of a confusing question! Isn't the point of /async so that you don't wait for the process to finish? Do you need to use /async for some other reason?


I'm not sure I understand what you're describing. Are you familiar with InterSystems mirroring? In short, it is a method of keeping two separate instances' data in sync, and can be used for reporting purposes. Do you really need just the deltas, and if so in what way would you be using them?

Hi Connor - is there a reason you can't use mirroring? I can imagine it would be possible to implement something custom where you capture the built-in online backup with Veeam snapshots, but it feels like there would be a lot more moving pieces.

Hello Scott,

I think the following doc section "Deploying a Production" is relevant:

"If a production uses XSD schemas for XML documents or uses an old format schema for X12 documents, the schemas are not included in the XML deployment file and have to be deployed through another mechanism. InterSystems IRIS can store X12 schemas in the current format, in an old format, or in both formats. When you create a deployment file, it can contain X12 schemas in the current format, but it does not contain any X12 schemas in the old format or any XSD schemas for XML documents. If your production uses an old format X12 schema or uses any XSD XML schema, you must deploy the schemas independently of deploying the production. For the schemas that are not included in the deployment file, they can be deployed to a target system by either of the following means:

If the XML or X12 schema was originally imported from an XSD or SEF file and that file is still available, import the schema on the target system by importing that file. XSD files can be used to import XML schemas and SEF files can be used to import X12 schemas.

Export the underlying InterSystems IRIS global that contains the schema and then import this on the target system. To export a global, select System Explorer > Globals, select the desired globals and then select Export. The X12 schemas are stored in the EnsEDI.Description, EnsEDI.Schema, EnsEDI.X12.Description, and EnsEDI.X12.Schema globals. The XML schemas are stored in the EnsEDI.XML.Schema global. See “Exporting Globals” in the Using Globals guide for details on exporting globals."