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`do ^REDEBUG` for debugging SSL/TLS configurations

This is more for my memory that anything else but I thought I'd share it because it often comes up in comments, but is not in the InterSystems documentation. 

There is a wonderful utility called ^REDEBUG that increases the level of logging going into mgr\cconsole.log. 

You activate it by

a) start terminal/login

b) zn "%SYS"

c) do ^REDEBUG

d) change logging level to FFFFFFFF


if you are on you production system (with lots of traffic) I suggest you quickly reproduce the error, rename the cconsole.log file, and repeat the steps above to set the logging level to FF. This is mostly because having the logging level set to FFFFFFFF will cause cconsole.log to grow explosively on a busy system. 

Sometime the entries in cconsole.log are cryptic - but sometimes they are sometimes helpful.

Kind regards, 


PS if you have examples of cryptic SSL errrors and there meanings please post them as a comment. if you know their meaning that woudl be great - if you don't we can crowdsource their meaning. 

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