Tyffany Coimbra · Nov 10

download InterSystems Caché ODBC Data Source

I need to download InterSystems Caché ODBC Data Source 2018 and I can't.
I want to know where I can download it.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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How are you trying to access the ftp link? I tested and it should be publicly available. Try pasting the link into your file explorer on Windows, for example.

Hi. If you mean the ODBC driver, then it gets installed when you install Cache. So, any Cache install file for that version has it. I don't know if you can select to only install the driver and nothing else as I always want the full lot on my PC.

(... just tried and a "custom" setup allows you to remove everything but the ODBC driver, but it's fiddly.)

Howdy all,

Iain is right that you can get the ODBC driver from the WRC site directly if you are a customer of ours, but the new spot InterSystems hosts drivers for ODBC and so on is here:

edit: I realized this was asking for Cache, not IRIS drivers, so my answer doesn't address it.