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Thanks Eduard,

Using ^COLLATE I've seen that the collation 51 was not installed (I don't know why, because it is the Spanish collation and we have using this instance long time ago).

I've installed this collation and it works.

Thanks for the point.

Best regards.

Updated: I've restored the backup but this message is in cconsole.log

Failed to mount c:\ensemble\healthshare\data\clientes\clientes_g\ because its default collation (51) is not available...(repeated 5 times)

Any idea?

Dear all... problem solved.

I've created a new FTP server (based on IIS) and it works without problem.

The previous one was created with Filezilla server. 

Fortunately, the client has an FTP server based on IIS, so with this test we consider the integration in their preproduction environment will be fine.

Note: I've changed the "Server List Style" to "MSDOS" for this new server ;)

Thanks to all for your time.

Best regards,

Francisco López

Hello Antonio

Yes, I am using a custom BS, I have overwritten OnProcessInput from EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FTPService because I want to store the content in a table instead of processing each line.

This service works well until we have changed the FTP server, so I do not know if it's a problem about Passive mode, or anything

can I use * to add all of them?

I mean


; ...

d $system.OBJ.Export(.all,"C:\temp\all.xml")

EDITED: Please, ignore.. I've read the help page and it is possible.. Thanks for all