WOW !!!! IT WORKS !!!!

Thanks for all.

I going to add this method in my utility library

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Francisco Lopez

Thanks for the comment...

As you says, it works with all superclass that it has, i.e. %Library.Base or Ens.Request

The %IsA(superclass) is more effective

Well, next time I need to read the documentation in depth.

There is a base method to check if a class extends of other one

set obj = ##class(MyLibrary.ChildClass01).%New()

## this retrieves 1
w obj.%Extends("MyLibrary.ParentClass")

## this retrieves 0
w obj.%Extends("MyLibrary.ParentClassFake")

This has been a "Rubber duck", this is a sample of guide-book of rubber duck. wink

More info Clase %Library.SystemBase

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Francisco López


Try the following code. It only works if the class parent is Ens.DataTransformDTL

// Create a query to get only my class (in MyClass and sub folders)

set query="SELECT ID FROM %Dictionary.ClassDefinition WHERE ID LIKE 'MyClass.%' AND super='Ens.DataTransformDTL'"

set tStatement = ##class(%SQL.Statement).%New() 

set qStatus=tStatement.%Prepare(query)

set tResult = tStatement.%Execute()

while tResult.%Next() {

   set dtlName = tResult.%Get("ID")

   set classObject = $CLASSMETHOD(dtlName ,"%New")
   write !,"DTL: "_dtlName
   write !,"Source type: "_classObject.GetSourceType()
   write !,"Target type: "_classObject.GetTargetType()
   write !


Remember: It works only if the class inherits from Ens.DataTransformDTL , if you know which class is the one that inherits the DTL you want to examine, change the name of the value of 'Super' in the previous query

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Francisco Lopez

Please, use the DTL class properties

set obj=##class(EXC.DTL.Lamont).%New()

write 'Source type: '_obj.GetSourceType()

write 'Target type: '_obj.GetTargetType()

Have a look the following documentation


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Francisco López

Please, you have to map the class too. It is into Routine database.

Check previously what is the Global name to map it.


You need to map the other Global database into your namespace. This is the only way to have visibility of other database