Hi Yuval,

Thanks for your comment.

The idea of this tip is only copy content from a class to another class, only I want a subgroup of elements. The command %ConstructClone is to clone a class, you have the same class, not a part of it.

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Hi all,

Since I've installed Eclipse instead of Atelier, I'm not able to get to add-in options. It is always greyed.

The server is online, I've tried to local and external server, but it doesn't work.

This is the version of Eclipse and Atelier pluging installed.

Any suggestion is welcome.

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Francisco Lopez


One question, the webinar will be available in Youtube or other platform afterwards?

Yep, that was other problem.

I've exported all classes, dropped namespace and database, created all as new namespace and import the classes.

Now, the message viewer works (fortunatly it is a DEV environment), compiled all via terminal.

However, sometimes the error about SendSuperSession appear intermittently, often when there are some request at the same time

It seem that works... but sometime I have an error, but I'm not able to check what is happend because the message viewer doesn't display the trace.

Always it's displaying an error

I've solved this problem just adding a Default setting for SendSuperSession

I know, this is not the best way to fix it.. but it works ;)