I'm thinking to create a framework with some utilities for Rest, utils functionst, etc... When it works fine, I'll do

It's a great plugin. Works in server side like Studio IDE. I need to check debug plugging.

I just miss a way to to push my code into a repository (Git, TFS,...) because there is not a copy in my disk folder (like Atelier). To do it, I need to synchronize all my code in Atelier and push into Git.

4.9 over 5

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As says the song.... "Words don't came easy to me, How can I find a way to say.. THANKS"

I see you in Spanish Developer Community and this community too wink

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Francisco López

Genial, muchas gracias por compartir este código.

Lo que sería un plus, es poder añadir alguna propiedad en el export para que no serialice alguna propiedad. Los que no usamos IRIS lo tenemos complicado.

Good point.

I'll do it.

It's not as elegant as <foreach> but...

Maybe is not elegant, but this idea is from a gentleman, so it has glamour wink

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So it is not possible to do in a DTL?

As you say, I need to do it as code, instread of DTL.

Thanks for the answer

Aqui otra solución mucho más sencilla

/// Elimina un item de la producción
ClassMethod ProductionItemRemove(pProdName, pItemName) As %Status
    write !,"Removing Item: "_pItemName

   if ##class(Ens.Config.Item).NameExists(pProdName, pItemName,.itemId)

        set objItem=##class(Ens.Config.Item).%OpenId(itemId)
        set prod=##class(Ens.Config.Production).%OpenId(pProdName)
        do prod.RemoveItem(objItem)
        do prod.%Save()
        kill objItem
        do ##class(Ens.Director).RestartProduction(0,1)
    quit $$$OK

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Francisco López

Exactly... using %Save aftewards RemoveItem in Ens.Config.Production works

Thanks for all