Hi George,

I'm trying to configure Serenji in server and client. In workspace configuration I've got the following code:

"settings": {
        "objectscript.conn.host": "",
        "objectscript.conn.label": "DEV",
        "objectscript.conn.password": "<myPassword>",
        "objectscript.conn.version": 2,
        "objectscript.conn.active": true,
        "objectscript.autoCompile": true,
        "objectscript.autoPreviewXML": true,
        "serenji.servers": {
                "host": "",
                "password": "<myPassword>"

I've replaced IpServer and myPassword for security.

In server I've installed as is explained in https://georgejames.com/files-cgi/doc/serenji/3.0.2/GettingStarted.html

Now, my question is... How to sync the code? I'm not see any menu item or something to do it, maybe I'm not using correctly.

Best regards.

Edited: I've created the worspace and it is trying to connect, but I have the following error:

[trace] stat /
[error] Timed out connecting to Serenji Service at (

 (Real IP is changed)

The server hasn't any firewall that is blocking it. Any idea?

WOW !!!! IT WORKS !!!!

Thanks for all.

I going to add this method in my utility library

Best regards,

Francisco Lopez

Thanks for the comment...

As you says, it works with all superclass that it has, i.e. %Library.Base or Ens.Request

The %IsA(superclass) is more effective

Please, you have to map the class too. It is into Routine database.

Check previously what is the Global name to map it.

Esto no ha hecho mas que empezar. Vamos a darlo todo, la comunidad hispano hablante tiene mucho que decir. Enhorabuena

Thanks Eduard,

Note: I've udpdated my comment, to show that there is two customers

Currently we are not able to rename the link of the Client1 to http://localhost:57772/api/myprocess/Client1/method1, the new customer will have this prefix without problem (http://localhost:57772/api/myprocess/Client2/method1)

Now we have solved this problem adding the forward in Class1, and not using the My.Code.BS.ApiRoute.

Of course, In Security - Applications - Web Applications, I've defined the Dispatch class to My.Code.BS.Class1

Next iteration we'll try to change the URL of Client1 and use the ApiRoute class.

Best regards