Yes I have,

but it doesn't work, the item is removed from database but it still into production.cls, so the production is unestable. I should to remove the item manually.

Yes, using Serenji extension.

You say that is only server-side code? it's strange, because the client-side is changed too

Ok, I'll try.

I've checked that it compile, is synchronized server-client and vice versa.

It's good. Only I'm missing the intellisense

Thanks for all


La comunidad hispanohablante lo va a agradecer.

Muchas gracias

Un saludo,

Francisco López

Ok, it was due server port. Now it is connected with the server, but ObjectScript VSCode extension is disabled. Now, I'm not able to compile :(

All previous configuration for ObjectScript VSCode extension was working, and the configuration still in folder configuration and workspace configuration.

Edited: If I disable Serenji, ObjectScript VSCode begin to work