After running many tests to kick the tires calling Python from COS (which worked fine) in any directory, I encountered problems when trying to access Python libraries like Numpy from any OTHER namespace. I saw some other posts about this but the resolution seems unclear. When I run the test program method numpytest below in %SYS it works just fine. If i run the Python method in any other namespace I get:

PITT>do ##class(test.python).numpytest()
DO ##CLASS(test.python).numpytest()
<OBJECT DISPATCH> *python object not found

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stdout logging

In The Business Process and the Business Operation, I am using the following code to get the value of TimeCreated and TimeProcessed







But I am trying to use ..%RequestHeader.TimeCreated in Business Service it is not storing any value.

How to get the value of TimeCreated and TimeProcessed in Business Service?

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I recently set up InterSystems in the Azure cloud environment. So far, no issues. Recently, I was tasked with uploading the IRIS.dat file (FoIA VISTA) into the instance. I was guided by my teammates to do the following: System Administration > Configuration > Local Databases. The problem is that I need to transfer the .dat file to the instance, because, as it is running on a local machine, it cannot retrieve files from my local drive. Is there a reliable solution, such as a transfer method or way of using the Web Gateway endpoint, one can provide to assist?

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I am attempting to configure an inbound service that utilizes the EnsLib.SOAP.GenericService class. This service receives HL7-v3 content wrapped in SOAP requests. Despite reading the documentation on configuring SOAP services, I am still confused.

In my current configuration item "Fr_Centrak_RTLS", I have ‘Enable Standard Requests’ checked, ‘Pool Size’ set to 0, and the port is unspecified.

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The users wants the ability to modify the logic used to populate PID:22 depending on the value of PID: 39. The logic is as follows

If both PID:22 and PID:39.2 are null then set PID:28 to "Unknown"

If PID:22 and PID:39.2 are not null and are the same value, then populate PID:28 with PID:39.2

If PID:22 and PID:39.2 are not null and are different, then set PID:28 = "Undetermined"

Setting this condition in a transform is straight-forward,.

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