Hi, I was wondering if anyone already dealt with this issue:
"System has been suspended for over X seconds, exceeding the maximum duration specified. Allowing system activity to resume. Any ongoing backup has presumably failed. Next InterSystems IRIS backup must be a full one"

our backup system "Commvault" is automatic, how do you tell it once you get this message that the next backup should be full?



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I am able to capture two values in two separate contexts in the BPL. One through an API call and another by looking at the contents of PV1:7. These are context.Prov and context.ProvName. I am checking to see if the values contained in the contexts are the same and if yes process further and if not stop.

In the IF statement I tried the below but none worked. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. The trace does show that they are the same value so that's not it.

1. context.Prov = context.ProvName

2. "context.Prov" = "context.ProvName" and

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I have a problem with a FHIR Interop scenario that the HTTP Header Value content-type between IRIS and client changes in case of an error (HTTP 422). If I set the status in the response to 200 OK as the last step in the service class, the return transmission works.

Within my operation class, the error code is taken from the source system and entered in the HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Response message.

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How can I send a request via a SOCKS5 proxy in IRIS, using, for example, EnsLib.REST.Operation?


I need to access APIs inside my corporate network, to which I don't have direct access from my home office. I've set up a SOCKS5 proxy via SSH on my host machine like this:

ssh -D 9999 server.corporate.com

I can then make requests with curl to the APIs I need:

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Hi community,

We have a developed a new version of a production, all the code is new and has changed BP. This application load information for some brands and stored in database.

The customer wants to implement the changes only for some brands because he wants to check for small brands before to implement for all brands.

My proposal is create a new namespace, with the new code, and disabled all load of brands except the brand that he wants to check.

I'm wondering what is the best way to clone the namespace.

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Working on a custom view for LookupSettings.cls. I've added code to adda Change Log entry into the table when rows are added/updated. I'm trying to do the same for when rows are deleted. How can I pull the key & value for the row when it is selected for delete /un-delete? The variable rowData is used a pointer for the row index. I know I'm missing something simple...

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