· May 10, 2023

InterSystems Ideas News #6

Hey Community!

Welcome to the 6th edition of the InterSystems Ideas news bulletin! This time you can read about:

​​​​✓ Ideas implemented last month by Community members

✓ How to create a new idea on InterSystems Ideas

✓ New ideas created recently


 The Hall of Fame was updated with the names of Community Members who implemented Community Opportunity ideas:

Add IRIS as a supported database for Apache Superset by @Herman Slagman was implemented by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

Please add google oauth authorization to login to the management portal by @Aleksandr Kolesov was implemented by @Yuri Marx

👏Thank you for implementing these ideas👏

 The new article "How to create a new idea on InterSystems Ideas" describes the idea creation process step by step. Read it when adding new idea to the portal.

Stay tuned for the next InterSystems Ideas news bulletin! 

In the meantime post new ideas for public discussion, vote for existing ideas, and comment on them on our InterSystems Ideas Portal!

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