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ClassMethod CreateApplication() As %Status [ CodeMode = objectgenerator ]
Set $ZTrap="Error"
Set sc=$$$OK
Write !,"Creating Mitz API",!
Set Here=$Namespace
Set URL="/mitz"
Set $Namespace="%SYS"
If ##class(Security.Applications).Exists(URL) {
Write "Mitz API already exists",!
Else {
Set Props("Name")=URL
Set Props("NameSpace")=Here
Set Props("Description")="Mitz notificatie API endpoint"
Set Props("AutheEnabled")=64
Set Props("DispatchClass")="LSP.Mitz.API"
Set Props("MatchRoles")=":%All"
Set Props("Type")=2 ; CSP App
Set sc=##class(Security.Applications).Create(URL,.Props)
Set $Namespace=Here
Return sc
Set $ZTrap=""
If $Data(Here) Set $Namespace=Here
Return $$$ERROR($$$GeneralError,"ErrorTrap: "_$ZError)

Kong Enterprise is currently on 2.3.x, what makes IAM so different from a rebranding of Kong Enterprise?
Besides that, Kong Enterprise seems to be free of charge as of now, what is the benefit of using IAM?

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