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How to create a new idea on InterSystems Ideas

Hey Community!

Here is a short article on how to create an idea on InterSystems Ideas

0. Register on Ideas Portal if you aren't a member yet or log in. You can easily register using your InterSystems Developer Community ID.

1. Click on the "Add a new idea" button

and you will see the form to add the idea.

2. First, provide a one-sentence summary of the idea which is the required field. When you start typing, you will see a list of ideas with similar words in their names or tags. In case a similar idea is already created, vote or comment on this idea. The optimal size of an idea summary is 4-12 words.

3. Next, describe the idea in the "Please add more details" field.

In addition to text, you can attach screenshots or other files and insert tables and links. There is a full-screen mode that helps you see the whole description of your idea without scrolling.

4. Then you need to fill in the required field "Category". The correct category will help to assign your idea to the appropriate expert in the InterSystems team. 

In case you first sorted ideas by category and then pushed the button "Add a new idea", the idea's category will be added automatically.

5. Optionally, you can add tags to your idea, so other users can find it easily based on tags. The list of tags starts with tags having an "InterSystems" title, all other tags are sorted in alphabetical order.

6. Click on "Add idea" to submit.

    Hope this helps you share your ideas with others! If you have any questions, please send a direct message to @Vadim Aniskin.


    * Please take into account that ideas and comments should be in English.
    * Ideas Portal admins can ask questions using Developer Community direct messages to clarify the idea and its category. Please answer these questions to make your idea visible to all users.
    * When you create an idea you automatically subscribe to e-mail notifications related to your idea, including:

    • changes in the status of your idea
    • comments on your idea posted by portal admins (you don't get notifications about comments from other users) 
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