· Jun 21, 2023

InterSystems Ideas News #7

Hi Developers!

Welcome to the 7th edition of the InterSystems Ideas news bulletin! Read on to learn what has happened on the Ideas Portal since the previous bulletin:

​​​​✓ More than 200 ideas are already on the portal 

✓ Idea was implemented by a Community member

✓ Implement an idea and get a tech bonus on the Grand Prix 23 Contest

✓ Ideas posted recently

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 Since the launch of the Ideas Portal, 204 ideas have been posted there. Now 25 of them have already been implemented, and 17 are planned for implementation.

 @Kurro Lopez was added to the Hall of Fame for the implementation of an idea IRIS classes for OpenAI API by @Yuval Golan

👏Thank you for implementing this idea👏

 Developers participating in the InterSystems Grand Prix 23 Programming Contest can get 4 technical bonus points for the implementation of  Community Opportunity ideas.

👏Thank you for generating new ideas👏

Don't forget to vote, comment, and subscribe to the ideas to track and influence their progress.

And look out for the next news bulletin!

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