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Installing Samples BI module with ObjectScript Package Manager

Hi Developers!

Many of you are looking for samples on how to work with InterSystems IRIS Analytics, formerly known as DeepSee.

There is a Samples BI module with Patients and Holefoods examples which is available on Github with source code. The installation steps are clear but take time. 

Recently we added the option to run IRIS Community Edition containers with ObjectScript Package Manager (ZPM) on board. This simplifies the installation to the "run-one-command" step for the modules submitted to ZPM Community Registry. And thus we can benefit the Samples BI installation with ZPM.

And here is how you can run it on your laptop.  Let's go!

0. Make sure you have Docker Desktop installed.

1. Run container:

For InterSystems IRIS with ZPM:

docker run --name irisce -d --publish 52773:52773 intersystemsdc/iris-community:2019.4.0.383.0-zpm

or for InterSystems IRIS for Health with ZPM:

docker run --name irisce -d --publish 52773:52773 intersystemsdc/irishealth-community:2019.4.0.383.0-zpm

2. Open IRIS Terminal and install samples-bi module:

$ docker exec -it irisce iris session iris
Node: c6e0f00b8d42, Instance: IRIS

zpm: USER>install samples-bi

[samples-bi]	Reload START
[samples-bi]	Reload SUCCESS
[samples-bi]	Module object refreshed.
[samples-bi]	Validate START
[samples-bi]	Validate SUCCESS
[samples-bi]	Compile START
[samples-bi]	Compile SUCCESS
[samples-bi]	Activate START
2,187 row(s) created
Building cube [HOLEFOODS]
Elapsed time:                  0.009120s
Source expression time:        0.000307s
Defining term list Patients Pivots...
Defining term list Patients RowSpecs...
Defining YEAR pivot variable in PATIENTS cube

[samples-bi]	Configure SUCCESS
[samples-bi]	Activate SUCCESS

3. Open Samples BI Dashboards in browser: http://localhost:52773/csp/user/_DeepSee.UserPortal.Home.zen?$NAMESPACE=USER

Hereafter you change the default password for _SYSTEM you will see something like that:


4. You also  can install DeepSeeWeb on top with the following command:

zpm:USER>install dsw

And browse Samples-BI dashboards with DeepSeeWeb. E.g. open All charts dashboard: http://localhost:52773/dsw/index.html#!/d/Widget%20Examples/All%20Charts.dashboard?ns=USER

Learn more on DeepSeeWeb.

Stay Tuned!

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