Olga Zavrazhnova · May 31, 2021

Developers' pets: take 1-min break and join our friendly discussion on Global Masters

Hi Developers, 

We've launched a friendly discussion on Global Masters called "Let’s meet developers' pets!" and invite all of you to join!

There are already so many cute photos from the community members. So, whether you have a dog 🐶, cat 🐈, hamster 🐹,  or gecko🦎, we want to see them!


In this discussionpost a photo of your pet, name, age, and breed, and a few words about why you love them.

See you on Global Masters!

P.S. if you are not a Global Masters member yet - that's easy to join using your InterSystems credentials. 

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Let's take a short coding break and share photos of our favorite cuties here in the comments! 

Who'll be the first? ☺️

 The idea is good, I just have to sleep about it...

 Oh yes, the idea ... I still have to think about that and get some sleep


This is interesting, could we also do a same one in Chinese? Thx! Michael

Greetings from the best Chinese Crested dog named Lutik – my 16 year old boy 😊👋


In the top photo, Lutik is a puppy. 

And the two bottom photos - this is how he looks now, wearing diapers like a child 🐶👶🥰

Haha, yeah! It's sandals for dogs. Lutik walks better with them.

But I couldn't imagine that such shoes were made even for dogs 😁

Very cute, I didn't know that dog breed yet! smiley

Upstair Melissa, 4 years old)

Downstair Anfisa , 13 years old😁

Melissa - is a liquid 😂


I'm a cat fan ... wink

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