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Using $Extract will be 17 % faster (!)
Set date=20201121090000  
Set newDate=$E(date,1,4)_"-"_$E(date,5,6)_"-"_$E(date,7,8)_" "_$E(date,9,10)_":"_$E(date,11,12)_":"_$E(date,13,14)

Thank you Robert,

Excellent article.
In fact we use this approach when we need to gain speed for queries that run on hundreds of millions records indexes and need to check few items only, so we save checking the "base" class by using [ DATA ... ]  

In addition, to gain more speed, which is so essential in huge queries, we use the (good, old) $order on the index global itself to gain more speed. This is much faster than normal SQL. 


I recommend either ways:

1. copy the *.DAT file to new server: for this you need to dismount the DB on source before copy (so you have downtime), mount it and do a merge between 2 DB/Namespaces.

2. Do a (hot) backup for the DB that has the table  = NO downtime (!) - then copy the *.BCK file to other server, restore to a NEW DB and merge.
This is slower - but downtime is 0

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