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· Sep 7, 2018

Atelier 1.3 Stable Release

The Atelier 1.3 stable release update site ( has been updated to 1.3.117.

For the best upgrade experience, InterSystems suggests that you install Eclipse Photon fresh before installing Atelier 1.3.

New Features

  • Photon support - Install Atelier in Eclipse Photon and benefit from the fixes and enhancements in this new release!
  • YAML support introduced - Xdata blocks with YAML code is colored in black with no syntax error markers

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Open documents by name - Go to Navigate > Open Atelier class/routine to open workspace or server documents in an Atelier editor. Scope the search from the dialog menu. Matches that include an entered string will appear in the filtered list.
  • Compare to Server - The compare to server feature from the Atelier Explorer view is now also available from the Atelier editors. Easily find differences between workspace and server versions of a file using this context menu option. It is especially useful when a file has been marked as out of sync.
  • Graphical editors - Minimum permissions for opening the graphical editors has been expanded to the %EnsRole_Developer role
  • Legacy XML import and export wizard - Additional improvements address issues with new line and white space formatting and unicode characters. You can now import classes associated with servers pre-2016.2.0 with no guaranteed additional support. These files will be supported by Atelier navigation and editing features if they conform to the current Class Definition Language (CDL) version. A bug that caused classes with broken headers to not be listed in the export wizard has also been resolved.
  • Syntax error checking coverage - The parser has been updated to no longer mark the following valid syntax as invalid: OPEN keywords, SHARD keyword, $listget(), embedded SQL object references.
  • Navigation - Inherited members are now listed from the editor quick outline by pressing CTRL+O/CMD+O twice from the editor context. Go to line now navigates to the expected routine label as well.
  • Code completion - SQL variables, except for the special id variable, are now listed in code completion proposals. Completion after the dot dot syntax has also been fixed.
  • Performance - Parsing of class and routine headers has been optimized which makes file listing and navigation perform better. Updates to the internal architecture also improved parser performance.
  • User Experience - The default color for JSON keys has been darkened to make them more legible. In addition, many error messages were addressed. Synchronization error messages are now more user-friendly and one case of concurrency conflicts that caused the "beginRule" error has been resolved. Client requests to the server now respect the API version supported which was previously causing errors.
  • Secure Storage - Valid changes to Eclipse secure storage made outside of Atelier components are now recognized by the Atelier UI.
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Has anyone been able to install Atelier 1.3? I'm getting an error in Eclipse that it's missing(?) the content.xml file...

Unable to read repository at
Unable to read repository at PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

This error indicates that you have a proxy/firewall blocking the Atelier installation. If you Google something like "Eclipse PKIX path building failed" you'll see a number of hits about adding the necessary certificate chain to the Java keystore. I would suggest reaching out to your network team about this. If they are not able to help, you can always reach out to InterSystems Support.