· Dec 27, 2021

2nd InterSystems Tech Article Contest: And the Winners are...

Hey everyone,

Lots of new content to read! Thanks to our wonderful participants of the 2nd InterSystems Tech Article Contest!


So it's time to announce the best of them!


Let's meet the winners and their articles:

⭐️ Expert Awards – winners selected by InterSystems experts:

🥇 1st place: Data anonymization, introducing iris-Disguise by @Henry Pereira

🥈 2nd place: IntegratedML hands-on lab by @José Pereira 

🥉 3rd place and two winners:

⭐️ Community Award – winner selected by Community members, article with the most likes:

🏆 Data anonymization, introducing iris-Disguise by @Henry Pereira

Hope this win will be a great Christmas present for all of the winners!

⭐️ This time, we'd like to reward some more authors for the number of contributions:

These guys will get Apple AirPods Pro OR Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite OR Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition ARM installed!


Let's congratulate all our heroes at

THANK YOU ALL! You have made an incredible contribution to our Dev Community! 

Happy Holidays to everyone! 🎅

The prizes are in production now. We will contact all the participants when they are ready to ship

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