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InterSystems Tech Article Contest: 🎄 Christmas Edition 🎄

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InterSystems Tech Article Contest: 🎄 Christmas Edition 🎄

Welcome to the 2nd InterSystems technical article writing competition! Write an article on any topic related to InterSystems technology from November 25 to December 25, 2021. Details here.


❗️ Any article written during the contest period and satisfying the requirements below will automatically enter the competition:

  • The article must be related to InterSystems technology
  • The article must be in English
  • The article must be 100% new (it can be a continuation of an existing article)
  • The article should not be plagiarized or translated (translations of your own DC articles from another language are allowed)
  • Article size: >1,000 characters (links are not counted towards character limit)
  • Team size: individual (multiple entries from the same author are allowed)


❗️  Choose any tech topic related to InterSystems technology.

🎯 NEW BONUS: If your article is on the topic from the list of the proposed topics, you will receive a bonus of 5 Expert votes.

Contest period & voting

November 25 - December 25: Publication of articles and voting time (both for Experts and DC members). 

❗️ DC members can vote for published articles with Likes = votes.


1. Prizes for everyone who enters the contest:

🎁 InterSystems Branded T-shirt 

🎁 InterSystems Branded Coffee Cup

2. Expert Awards – articles will be judged by InterSystems experts:

🥇 1st place: Apple Airpods max

🥈 2nd place: Oculus Quest 2 (VR Headset) 

🥉 3rd place: Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite / Apple AirPods Pro / Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition ARM installed

Or as an alternative: Alternatively, any winner can choose a prize from a lower prize tier than his own.

3. Developer Community Award – article with the most likes:

🎁 Apple AirPods Pro OR Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite OR Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition ARM installed

Note: The author can only win one place in one nomination (in total one author can win two prizes: one in Expert and one in Community nomination).

All contest details here.

November 24 - December 25, 2021

I recently published the "appmsw-docbook" module for deploying the solution not by individual programs, but by the entire database. This solution allows you to deploy a project without source codes.

Having received feedback, I decided to improve it significantly. Replaced zip archive with tgz, which will allow not using external system-dependent archivers.

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The InterSystems IRIS has a great audit system. It is responsible for auditing system events, but you can use it to audit your applications (great feature).

The audit system is based into event concept. The events can occur with IRIS or in an application. So, we have two type of events to the audit system:

1. System events: events occured into the InterSystems IRIS components (database, interoperability, analytics and core);

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Dmitry Maslennikov · Dec 2 3m read
How secure is password?

How to check if the password is strong enough, so it will not be cracked very fast? And how to make a strong password?

I've developed a tool that may help with this. You can find it on OpenExchange. Install it with zpm

zpm "install passwords-tool"

This module will install just one class caretdev.Passwords, which contains a few helpful methods in it

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Not so while ago GitHub introduced, ability to very quickly run VSCode in the browser for any repository hosted there. Press the . key on any repository or pull request, or swap .com with .dev in the URL, to go directly to a VS Code environment in your browser.

github dev

This VSCode is a light version of the Desktop version but works entirely in Browser. And due to this, it has a limitation for extensions which was allowed to work this way. And let me introduce the new version 1.2.1 of VSCode-ObjectScript extension which now supports running in Browser mode.

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In this article I will explain how to Authenticate, Authorize and Audit by code by using CSP Web Application along with Enabling /Disabling and Authenticate/Unauthenticate any Web Application.

Application Layout

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The InterSystems Server Manager extension for Visual Studio Code lets you define connections to your servers, list their namespaces and edit or view code there. You can also launch Portal for a server.

Server Manager 3.0 improves security by becoming a VS Code Authentication Provider. It is my entry for the November 2021 InterSystems Security Contest. Click here to visit the contest page where you may decide to vote for this entry. Please ignore the clickable "Contestant" label on this article header above, as it relates to a different contest for new DC articles. If you want to support me in that contest, simply "like" this post.

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Henrique Dias · 9 hours ago 6m read
Why? How? What's zap-api-scan-sample?

Hey community, how are you all doing?

What if you could check if your REST application is susceptible to some vulnerability? What if you could check if any known attacks affect your application?

With these issues in mind, we've brought our sample application using the ZAP testing tool. A way to quickly, conveniently provide tools for developers to validate security issues in an accessible manner practically.

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In this article I will demonstrate basics of OAuth2 authentication with GitHub account with the help of online demo by using SuperUser | SYS

Please read the related documentations Using an InterSystems IRIS Web Application as an OAuth2 Client
and a nice articles about OAuth

We need below 3 steps to achieve the desire :

  • Step 1 : Register Application with GitHub Authentication Server
  • Step 2 : Configure OAuth 2.0 Client from InterSystems Management portal
  • Step 3 : Call API to login with GitHub account

So Let's start with Step 1

Step 1 : Register Application with GitHub Authentication Server

In order to register application with GitHub authentication server we need GitHub account. 
Log in to GitHub account and navigate to and under OAuth Apps tab click New OAuth App button


Enter Application name, Homepage URL, Description and Authorization call back URL
Please note that Authorization call back URL must refer to OAuth2.Response.cls class ({domain}/csp/sys/oauth2/OAuth2.Response.cls)
Click Register Application

This will open detail page. Click Generate a new client secret and save Client ID and Secret Key which we will use while configuring IRIS OAuth2 client

Application is registered successfully

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