· Dec 1, 2021

InterSystems Open Exchange November 2021 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in November 2021.
General stats:
19 new apps
545 published apps in total
780 downloads in November
1423 developers joined

New applications (19)
Data_APP_Security by Muhammad Waseem
AAA-Authentication, Authorization and Auditing basics
appmsw-forbid-old-passwd by Sergey Mikhailenko
To meet the requirements of section 8.2.5 PCI DSS "Prohibit the use of old passwords", a small application has been implemented that will be launched by the system when a user tries to change a password and check if it was used before.
secured-rest-api by Evgeny Shvarov
Basic authentication and authorisation via REST API in IRIS
InterSystems IRIS Declarative Security Rules for REST APIs
passwords-tool by Dmitry Maslennikov
Generating secure passwords and check strength of passwords
iris-disguise by Henry Hamon Pereira
Data Anonymization tool for InterSystems IRIS
backupChecker by Mario Sanchez Macias
A simple Backup checker/validator for Iris online backups
Object Script mediator to audit ObjectScript REST API requests
appmsw-docbook by Sergey Mikhailenko
An application for installation into your instance of the DoсBook database
appmsw-dbdeploy by Sergey Mikhailenko
An example of deploying solutions with prepared databases, even without source code.
Server Manager 3.0 Preview by John Murray
Now an Authentication Provider for VS Code, for better security
zap-api-scan-sample by José Roberto Pereira
An example on how to scan your REST APIs on IRIS using the OWASP
https-rest-api by Oliver Wilms
Rest API with Apache2 Web server
Logi Composer by Nica Danganan
Customizable low-code dashboards and data visualizations.
IRIS Middlewares by davi massaru teixeira muta
Specify your middlewares. security treatments on all requests.
MOVE: Migration Viewer by Catherine Ignudo
MOVE - View, Select and Transfer patient data
iris-saml-example by Dmitry Maslennikov
InterSystems IRIS - SAML Authentication Test
TimeTracking-workers by Evgeniy Potapov
FACT by Catherine Ignudo
Financial Administrative Clinical Trends
New releases (21)
DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • added data property disableContextMenu, when set to "1" disables context menu on shared widgets
  • added url parameter for shared widgets disableContextMenu, when set to "1" disables context menu on shared widget
  • added tileUrl data property for map widget to specify custom tiles, e.g.{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  • added legend for tree map widget
  • fixed issue with decimalSeparator, numericGroupSeparator, numericGroupSize options for widgets (#228)
  • added dataLabels data property for map widget (#231). now values can be displayed directly on map. set dataLabels=1 to show values. dataLabels can be set to JSON with options to customize labels, default values is { "size": 12, "font": "Calibri,Arial,sans-serif", "color": "#000", "stroke": "#FFF", "strokeWidth": 2 }. options can be defined in any combinations, e.g. { "color": "#F00", "size": 18 }
  • now shared widgets use name instead of index, e.g. (#230)
  • added percentageFormat data property, to set format of percents for widgets that show percentage values, e.g. #.## (#229)
  • added fixMinZoom and fixMaxZoom data properties for map widget. To fix zoom out set fixMinZoom=1
  • fixed issue with click filter and autodrill
  • fixed issue with auto drillthrough (empty widgets)
  • fixed issue with iframe communication with shared widgets. index now contains widget name, if widget shared by name
  • fixed issue with polygonTitleProperty, now it displays correctly on polygons
  • added formatting for polygonTitleProperty if value is number
  • fixed issue with alpha value in color formula for map. now color formula supports hsla, rgba, etc.
  • fixed issue with polygon name in popup
  • added tooltipStyles data property. specify JSON with css properties to apply on a tooltip. e.g. { "padding": "10px", "font-size": "20px" }
  • added popupStyles data property. specify JSON with css properties to apply on a popup. e.g. { "padding": "10px", "font-size": "20px" }

Git for Shared Development Environments by Timothy Leavitt

Fixing completely broken UI on Linux Clearer settings around git path when on git is available via PATH Expose git version in CLI and settings UI Popper.js downgrade for proper compatibility


Fixes for better usability in portal-based interoperability editors


Miscellaneous bug fixes, most notably for UI operations on some (all?) Linux platforms

isc-apptools-lockdown by Sergey Mikhailenko

package name changed and some methods added


added parameter in module.xml


The ability to change the security level not only to lockdown, but also to minimum and normal has been implemented.


Added methods for saving the custom security level to the global and applying these settings to other instances


update description


update readme file


Update version


upd readme

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov

changelog * Various changes in the output command of help * Changes in colors in the outputs * Added an ability to add more repo types * Added an ability to specify a post-installation message, with AfterInstallMessage tag in module.xml * Added variable ${webroot}, which refers to url with host and port where the internal web-server is available * Fixed issue when during install if no module was specified (issue #243) * Fixed issue with uppercased FileCopy resource * Some other minor bugfixes

IRIS Interoperability Message Viewer by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

New features: - zoom/pan controls - enhancements on break sing marks - table striped for an easier data visualization

Log by Eduard Lebedyuk

Code converted to CLS

apptools-admin by Sergey Mikhailenko

update module.xml

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