Eduardo Raupp · Nov 9, 2020
Default LOCALE installation

Hello there,

I have a simple question related to the default locale after healthshare installation.

Will it be the default one already selected in the O.S.?

I mean, because locally I have it in english, but I have seen it in spanish (by default) in some other machines and the only reason I could understand it is because of the O.S. default language.

Is my assumption right?


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My HIS System is a Microservice architecture base dubbo. To call remote service must through dubbo rpc.

But , I canot direct call his's dubbo service because ensemble cannot support dubbo protocol.

So I want to add support to ensemble.

where Can I start?

Does ensemble has low level interface like dll or linux so, I can add dubbo support to the ensemble just by implementing these interfaces.

I known java Gateway maybe ok, but I want to direct not throught middle layer to do this.

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I seem to be able to execute sqlproc using the convention defined here provided the package/folder is a single level. As, soon I have a nested folder structure I get an error while trying to execute this.

For instance,

select id, Utils.Users_getRole(id) roles from users.users

works fine while,

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In Oracle database, the synonym is an alternative name for objects such as tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, and other database objects.

You generally use synonyms when you are granting access to an object from another schema and you don't want the users to have to worry about knowing which schema owns the object.

Is IRIS SQL sintax has something like this: (oracle sintax)

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Hello there,

Someone know which impact would have my database changing the locale and its collationTable? I understand it should works fine, without any drawback.

Could someone else confirm my assumption or tell me what could happen? Has anyone changed something like that? (Not to russian, japanese, chinese, etc..)

About queries.. is there any side effect?


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Kevin Johnson · Oct 15, 2020
Article Content

Hello there,

I am new to the developer community and i intend on writing a new article.

I have a few ideas on what to write but i need to know specifically what kind of content it has to be?

I do not want to update content that is not valid and waste the time.

Please let me know what kind of content am I allowed to post as it will be very helpful for this purpose.

Also if i post something and want to remove it i need to know how i could delete / remove what I have posted, or should I inform the relevant authorities if any on instances as such.

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Hey everyone.

It seems that my email address being updated with Intersystems has created a new account on here, and when I attempt to login with the old email address it logs into the new account meaning it looks like I have no post history.

Has anyone else faced this and have any advice on how to resolve it or any thoughts on if this is likely to affect other services like Learning and Global Masters?

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