Lori Fassman · May 4, 2020

HS Subscriptions -- can we specify an Access Gateway cluster or load balancer address?

Hi -- at a customer site we have 8 Access Gateways, with a couple of different load balancers that decide which projects go to which subset of AGs.

We're about to go live with a project that uses a subscription, and we have that subscription pointing to one of the AGs.  What if that AG goes down?  The project is dead until the AG is back up.  The subscription forces us to pick an AG that's registered in the Gateway Registry -- I don't see a way to get a cluster or load balancer address in there.

Has anyone found a way around this?  This is a critical interface, and soon we'll be going live with a second interface which is also critical.


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If the Gateways are configured on mirrored instances of HealthShare, then typically a virtual IP is used to determine and redirect to the active instance, to provide for high availability or fail over.  If not, then perhaps this approach could be considered?