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I'm trying to use JWT authentication on a REST application in IRIS. The login API are correctly "injected" into the application. Login works fine with Postman and other REST clients, and subsequent calls to my REST API using the bearer token work fine (correctly authenticated). So far, so good.

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Hi Guys,

Is there a way to import /export Web Applications? I can see that those web application that I created are also showing in Studio under CSP Files folder and I tried right clicking on some on the folders that seems to be representing my web application then export but didn't work.


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Hi all,

I have some .vm (Velocity Templating Language) files that I'd like to be able to load into IRIS with the $System.OBJ.Load(filename) command, but it seems that only accepts XML files.

I've tried adding import/export logic in my custom studio document that will wrap the velocity content inside an XML document and vice versa, I've changed the existing Velocity files to have the extension .xml and be wrapped in XML, and I've included a .dtd file for them to reference. However, this doesn't seem to work.

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Upon upgrading to 2023.1.4 we noticed that code exposed some issues with our HL7 DTLs during runtime (not compile). That codebase contains code which references invalid PropertyPaths. With our current version 2021, those invalid references appear to evaluate out to "" and no errors are produced. Of course the code is not generating output as expected but the router does not error.

Our dilemma is that we need to identify any DTLs whereby we are referencing non-existent property paths so we can address before upgrading live environment.

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I am creating a new HL7 DTL item. I put the from as HL7 and the to as XML, hence, those Ens classes were loaded into the new DTL. However, on the map screen, both the left and the right column only show 'source' and 'target', and no other fields. I pictured that when I included these classes, both columns would pull the corresponding 'schema' to show all the to/from fields, but, they did not. Is that right?

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I am a first time Python Contest participant and am interested in potentially implementing the community idea found in if it is something relevant to Python.

Would anyone be able to shed a bit of light on what the desired outcome of that idea being implemented is? There were a lot of upvotes on that idea but there wasn't very much information in it. Thanks!

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I'll preface this by saying I'm not sure if I found a bug or because I'm somehow misusing IrisVectorStore.

Basically I have code from the regular llama-index module working in my Python project which has SimpleDirectoryReader objects similar in nature to the demo I mentioned ( And I have other code working that can add new users to a SQL table in Iris.

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Is there documentation that shows the mapping between the management portal components and object script package.class.methods?
I am searching on-line documentation but have not been successful.
For example, in the management portal SystemOperation > TaskManager > TaskSchedule can map to the method: class(Monitors.Tasks).ListSuspendedTasks().

What would be a similar mapping for SystemOperation > TaskManager > TaskHistory?
I initially thought it would be something similar to class(Monitors.Tasks).ListTaskHistory().

Best Regards,

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So, here is a novice question; but, I can't seem to figure out how to do it, or find any comments. I simply want to close out this DTL, under the Interoperability / Build / DTL screen:

There do not seem to be any buttons to 'close' the current DTL item. I tried logging off and back on, and, it brings it right back. Ideas?

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I'm trying to leverage the workflow from this repo so I can create an online demo for my project:

I saw that we need to ask for the service account token because I mistakenly tried to obtain my own and obviously was getting permission errors.

So how should I go about getting the token? Thanks!

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As I was trying to create a routine search query via RoutineList, I discovered that documentation both for Cache and Iris offers only ABC* and ABC? syntax for including routine names and, unlike %RO, does not offer name ranges. Is that indeed so?

After some system files reading, I discovered that you can EXCLUDE certain routines with ', by using the 'ABC or 'ABC* syntax. That is not documented but it should be. Any other non-documented RoutineList syntax capabilities?


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I'm trying to use the EnsLib.SQL.Operation.GenericOperation component in a production to read a column from a Redshift table that is set up as VARCHAR(65535) and am getting the following error.

An error was received : ERROR #5023: Remote Gateway Error: JDBC Gateway getClob(0,1) errorRemote JDBC error: Cannot convert the column of type VARCHAR to requested type long..

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