@William Vorhees  - please try again.  Your account should be all set to work now.  Please try and let us know if there continues to be any issues.

Again, apologies for the frustration on this.

@William Vorhees  - just so you know, the InterSystems First Response Center is looking into what happened with your email from December in order to ensure that this type of situation doesn't happen again.  Apologies for that dropped ball.

"I originally contacted support as noted in the alert on 12/20/22 and have yet to get a response. " - I just noticed this ... do you have a Support ticket?  How did you contact Support on this?

(CC: @Dawn Czaja )

@William Vorhees  - thank you for mentioning this ... we are looking into it.

It is just an issue with your account and is not a broad issue with the service.  We'll get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

The certifications came across on my profile but for some reason I am not seeing the green checkmark.  Is this supposed to work for InterSystems employees?

as in the past - well deserved and thank you both for your continued contribution to the D.C.!!!

Great resource for ObjectScript developers!!  I am very excited to see isc-codetidy finally get to the point where we can use it to standardize all of our internal coding styles ;)