yes - this is a maintenance (bug fix) release of our InterSystems IRIS 2021.1 Extended Maintenance software.  The 3rd maintenance release to be precise.  

Does that help?

I think badges are only awarded via Global Masters but I may be mistaken (that is where I saw my badges show up)

@Raj Singh  - this is great, thank you for the exciting updated!

Where can we find more details on this?


If you don't like editing configuration files by hand, you will appreciate that the user interface for creating ISFS folders is greatly improved in this version.


@Abhishek Raj - start with reviewing the documentation for new features, and Upgrade Compatibility checklists:
This will be the most comprehensive collection of suggestions, things to know, and 'gotcha's' to be aware of.  

Beyond reading the docs and seeing what is applicable to your environment, do a practice upgrade of your application and TEST, TEST, TEST :)  

Lastly, make sure you review the supported platform list for 2018.1 and 2015.2:



Hope that helps!

Correction on this post - I was originally supposed to present but unfortunately was unable to attend Global Summit due to testing positive for COVID the day before :(  Call out to @Timothy Leavitt who stepped in and presented in my place and did a great job.

Watch the video!

Thank you all for your contributions and Congrats to the Winners!!

@Raj Singh  Thank you!!  

Curious - why wasn't this a D.C. article?  Is it because the location on allow multiple people to collaborate on the content?