Hi @Michael Jobe,

Thanks for your availability. We are working on SAM v2.0 and we would appreciate your feedback.

SAM is not planned to be backported to support Caché at the moment. Many customers have already migrated to IRIS and many are planning to do so.

@Michael Jobe thanks for highlighting this issue and for being candid. I've always liked your product. I hope our customers will be able to leverage your tool without any issue from now on. Thanks again.

Hi @Michael Jobe that last "\n" was indeed missing. We have fixed it and are re-spinning...

Thanks for your diligence.

May I ask you what product(s) you are using and how this caused you issues?


Thanks @Michael Jobe - I thought we implemented as described as we have had people using it in AWS with CloudWatch and others and I have not heard any issue before. Let me verify this.

Hi @Michael Jobe 

Yes, you can post here or open a WRC ticket.

The error usually denotes a privilege issue. I see that the file name is not the default we ship the product with. That is isc_prometheus.yml. Also the file should have privileges set to 764 or rwxrw-r---

Another important thing would be to use the start.sh script that checks for the correct privileges on directories and files.

Let us know how you get on.