Tatiana Krupenya · Nov 20, 2020

DBeaver officially supports InterSystems IRIS

We are glad to announce that DBeaver has supported InterSystems IRIS out-of-the-box since version 7.2.4. You don't need to configure it manually anymore, just find the IRIS icon in the Connections list. 

All necessary fields are already filled. But please, do not forget to enter your username and password.

By default, InterSystems IRIS driver doesn't include in DBeaver. For the first connection DBeaver suggests downloading the driver from the official InterSystems GitHub repository. This driver will be used for all further connections.

The current version does not contain IRIS specific features, but all main DBeaver functions will work for your database. If you think that it can be important to add something else, please let us know.

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That's great!

DBeaver it's an amazing application!

We have been using it for a few weeks now.  It is very powerful.