Hi community ,

i use postman for testing my request , i need to extract access token from it (i put it inside the "Get url" using post man before sending my request).

i use the GetAccessTokenFromRequest of (%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken) class , but in my rest code party , when i send request from post man , i can't extract my access token, it's empty.

can please give me help?

thank you

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Soufiane Amroun · Jan 15, 2018
Access token storage

Hi community ,

i work actually on the access token generation method , i want know where the generated access token are saved ?

My [OAuth2.AccessToken] tabe is empty , it's logical?

thank's for helping .

Best regards

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Soufiane Amroun · Dec 26, 2017
API resources acces

Hi community ,

i worked this last time on the access token generate method , now it's ok, i want use the received access token to have access for asking the resources server.

i found the [%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken] class which describes how add access token in the http request header , but i don't know how use it in my project.

Do me take only this class or the full package %SYS.OAuth2.

Thank you for helping .

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Hi, community

i've a problem with my production , it works since two months ago , today i can't start it , i don't know where is the problem !!!!

I enclose here screenshots for my production configuration .


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Soufiane Amroun · Dec 5, 2017
Client description Oauth2

Hi community ,

i come back to you , i've a problem with Client description in Oauth2, when i tick the Supported grant types and i save , there are not registred on the OAuth2_Client.Metadata table .

can you tell me where is the problem please.

you will find attached a screenshot.


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Soufiane Amroun · Nov 17, 2017
Token Generate Method

Hi community ,

i develop my LogUser Method on my rest API , the scenario is as follow :

when user enter his login & password , i check first in my table if he exists (this stape is done), now i want know how generate acces token from authorization server , i've as idea to call the "%OAuth2.Server.Generate" which is implemented on the configuration party (we find the correspondint attached screenshot ), but i don't know if i'm sure , we find here the developped method:

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Soufiane Amroun · Nov 14, 2017
type data interval

Hi communauty

I've two columns in my table and the type must be interval of integer values for example : age must be interval between [2 and 6] years and wigth between [10 and 30 ] Kg , how can i define them when creating my table?


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