· Nov 17, 2017

Token Generate Method

Hi community ,

i develop my LogUser Method on my rest API , the scenario is as follow :

when user enter his login & password , i check first in my table if he exists (this stape is done), now i want know how generate acces token from authorization server , i've as idea to call the  "%OAuth2.Server.Generate" which is implemented on the configuration party (we find the correspondint attached screenshot ), but i don't know if i'm sure , we find here the developped method:

ClassMethod LogUser(profile) As %Status
 set user ={}.%FromJSON(profile)
 set login=user.username
 set password=user.password
  // now we check on the security.users
   set ID=Replace(login,"@","^")
   //basculer vers le name space %sys
   zn "%sys"
  set x=$System.Security.Login(ID,password)
  if x=0 { write "unknown user"}
    //  get role from resources BWX
    set role=$roles
    set a=[],sep=","
    for i=1:1:$length($roles,sep) { do a.%Push($piece($roles,sep,i))}
    w a.%ToJSON()
    //generate acces token 
   quit $$$OK

thank you for help.

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