Soufiane Amroun · Dec 5, 2017

Error in starting production

Hi, community

i've a problem with my production , it works since two months ago , today i can't start it , i don't know where is the problem !!!!

I enclose here screenshots  for my production configuration .


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I can see Auditing is enabled on your system. Have you checked under "Configure System Events" that the event "%Ensemble/%Production/StartStop" is enabled?

Kind regards,

Amir Samary

Hi Amir , the  %Ensemble/%Production/StartStop is enable 

Is anything being logged in cconsole.log ? Perhaps your audit database has run out of space?

Here's a quick way to get to the log from Portal:


If you have a general query this is a great place to ask.

But if you have an operational problem you should pick up the phone (or your preferred technology)  and call InterSystems support. The people there enjoy answering questions and getting systems back in action.

617-621-0700 in the US but if you google InterSystems Support i think you will get what you need worldwide.