· Jan 23, 2018

access token not recovered from url

Hi community ,

i use postman for testing my request , i need to extract access token from it (i put it inside the "Get url" using post man before sending my request).

i use the GetAccessTokenFromRequest of (%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken) class , but in my rest code party , when i send request from post man , i can't extract my access token, it's empty.

can please give me help?

thank you

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Hi Soufiane,
as you can see in the GetAccessTokenFromRequest() method, the access token is taken from the http authorization bearer header or from the encoded entity body's access_token parameter.  As described in RFC6750, see here:

Your client need to send that way. Not within the url as a name/value param.

On resource server side you then need to continue with this, see section "Code Requirements" here:

Be also aware on the prerequisites and code requirements also.