· Jul 27, 2023
Rule logic

In an HL7 Business rule I am trying to block ONLY ORM messages that have a PV1:3.4 of 105 or 205 and a OBR:4 value of EP22 or CATH01.

I created the logic below but it appears to be evaluating the two fields independently instead of combined?

Here is what I had.

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I need some help with unescaping a value in TXA 2 of an MDM message that I am writing to a variable, to be used in a filename for a PF. Would I use the method Unescape(pData) if so how can I use it in a transform to set the variable? The reason I need to do this is I need to use the name as file name when writing the PDF to a directory. The escape characters and invalid for file names .

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· Jan 2, 2018
Upgrading from 2014 .1.2

I am wondering about upgrading our Healthshare mirrored environment to the latest release. Has anyone upgraded recently to what version and what kind of effort was put into it. I am thinking it will take 2 analysts full time for 3 months. Am I out of the ball park on this estimate? We have bout 600 operations, Processes and services. What are some of the benefits we get from upgrading and what are some of the problems you ran into during the upgrade? Any information you have to share would be greatly appreciated.

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