John Nurmi · Oct 1, 2020

How TO Search for Transforms that do NOT contain a string

I am looking to find a way to search Studio and find transforms that do NOT contain certain string or logic. How can I find the ones that do not have that string?

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The way that I have down this in the past is as follows:

1) Export the classes/DTL's/CSP Pages etc into an Export XML file.

2) Create an array of the strings you want to identify


set array({string1})="",array({string2})=""....array({stringN})=""

classmethod FindStrings(pfile as %String="", byref plist as %String) as %Status


set tSC=$$$OK  

try {

   open file:("R"):0

   if '$t set vtSC=$$$ERROR(5001,"Unable to open file: "_file) quit

    use file read line

    set x="" for {

         set x=$o(pList(x)) q:x=""

         if line[pList(x) {

             // Do what ever you want to do when you find a line that contains one of the sting values you are searching for



catch ex {

    if $ZE["<ENDOFFILE"> {set tSC=$$$OK}

     else {set tSC=ex.AsStatus()}


close file

quit tSC


call the method as follows:

set sc=##(MyClass).FindStrings({File_Name},.array)