· Jan 2, 2018

Upgrading from 2014 .1.2

I am wondering about upgrading our Healthshare mirrored environment to the latest release. Has anyone upgraded recently to what version and what kind of effort was put into it. I am thinking it will take 2 analysts full time for 3 months. Am I out of the ball park on this estimate? We have bout 600 operations, Processes and services. What are some of the benefits we get from upgrading and what are some of the problems you ran into during the upgrade? Any information you have to share would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. We had a site upgrade from 2012.2.5 to 2017.1.0 last year, and it included a mirror. We had very few code changes needed - just an issue with it failing to save objects inside a Business Process where we had used some "unusual" structures. The upgrade itself went smoothly. The only issue was afterwards when the next backup was a "full" one instead of the scheduled "partial", using more space than expected. Our Production was much smaller than yours, with only about 120 items, and it is hard to say how much effort went into pre-release testing as it was "fitted in" around other work by a team of people. Maybe a couple of man  months?

To be honest, it all depends on how much custom or unusual code you have, and how much testing the customer wants. We upgraded a development namespace and re-ran test messages through all the important paths and compared the result before and after upgrade. Plus some connection testing to cover all the "types" we used: ftp, web service, HL7, etc.  In our case the testers included people from the user side, so they could decide when they were happy with it.

InterSystems were very helpful. We raised a call a few months before and they gave advice on testing and desk checked our detailed plan of the upgrade itself, including how to do the mirror.

Good luck.

As Mike already said, pretty much it comes down to the specifics of your site and code. There aren't any big changes between 2014.1.2 and the current version, so I wouldn't expect much coding work. The majority of work is probably going to be your testing of the procedure and the resulting upgraded test environment. We are more than happy to discuss your upgrade plan and help with any issues you might encounter, feel free to contact the WRC and we'll go from there!