Ruslan K · Mar 11, 2021

Is there any reason that property method DisplayToLogical() is not calling before object saving?

I have such situation and do not know how it is possible

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Ruslan K · Oct 1, 2020
Terminal error


I have installed windows 10 and cache 2018.

I run terminal not from cache cube but through localDemon.exe (for report outputting from my programs to excel).

All worked fine but after some time error occured "Cannot load supporting modules"  (in attached file) and localDemon.exe is not launching.

But terminal from cache cube is still launching without problems (but from it reports are not working, localDemon.exe is required)

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Ruslan K · Jun 14, 2018
AddEventListener for a control

Is there a way to add event listener for a zen control?

I have a custom text control and I want to add 'change' event listener for it.

Is it possible to do not using 'onchange' property? 

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Ruslan K · Oct 18, 2017
Rebuild class index

I have a class. In class there is an index. This index is for quick search on name property.

Class User


Property Name as %String;

Index NameInd On Name;



This class is mapped to some global ^GL(userId) = "Name*other data....****"

And there is also index global ^GLNameIndex(Name, userId) = ""

When I add new User entry through class, f. i.

S user = ##class(User).%New()
S user.Name = "Some name"
​D user.%Save()

calling method %Save() adding new entry to index automatically.

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Ruslan K · Oct 14, 2017
ZenMethod in onunloadHandler

I want to call ZenMethod when page is closing. Is it possible?

I tried

ClientMethod onunloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]


Method SomeZenMethod() [ ZenMethod ]
    // to do some work

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