I have also used $ZCVT(text, "I","UTF8") , but <TRANSLATE> error is  occured

<WIDE CHAR> error occured.

I think it is because of I have 8-bit version of cache and the http response in utf-8. How to solve this?

This solution works for me.

Maybe somebody will  need it.

Method onloadHandler()  is  in custom text control class.

ClientMethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]

var comp this;
var elem this.findElement('control');

elem.addEventListener('click', function(){

I have tried to do that in my custom text control class in method onloadHandler()

var elem document.getElementById(this.id);

elem.firstChild.addEventListener('change', function(){

But this code is not working.

Thanks,  Amir, for your advice.

I decided to change in old program methods for saving and deleting entries. I changed direct access to global on object access and methods %Save() and %DeleteId(). These methods automatically handle new index global. I also call old methods for old index global and other old code.


I have two different ways for creating new objects because of there are two different interfaces in the program. There is old interface via terminal with direct access to globals and there is new zen web interface with classes.

And some users prefer to work with old terminal interface, so I must to maintain also the old inteface.

Can you give me some example with  %FileIndices? I didn't find anything 


I found what is the problem.

When I have opened new window through zenPage.launchPopupWindow - it is not working ( method onunloadHandler()).

But when I have used zenPage.window.open, method onunloadHandler() works very well.

I don't know why, but it is not working for me. 

Did you try this callback and it was working?