Mapping globals to classes

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Is there any good book where is described process of mapping globals to classes? And book about Storage? 

I didn't find much information about these questions in documentation :-(

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This is not documented because we don't want new development using this kind of storage (which we call "SQL Strorage").  We'd much prefer you to use the standard storage strategy that you get for free when creating classes.   If you look at Brendan's 5th (of 3) articles, you'll see a link with the text "Get the Examples here" where you can download some examples (if that works, the link will be here as well). 

Again, if you can avoid doing this, I recommend using standard storage.

If you run into any problems or if you have any questions, I strongly suggest you contact the WRC.  

Hi, Kyle!

In case if it is not new development but legacy global storage system what is the proposed way to make the data in globals available for SQL queries and DeepSee?