Ruslan K · Aug 23, 2017

dataCombo parameters and editable property

When I add a parameter to dataCombo for loading it on runtime and the property editable set to 0, dynamically loading content for dropdown through parameter works fine.

But, when I set editable to 1, to implement user search in dataCombo, loading through parameter is not working, it is loaded all rows, but I need loading on some parameter. It don't see the parameter, when editable is 1.

Is it normal behavior of dataCombo? But how about user search in dataCombo on this case? When editable is 0, we can't enter any character in dataCombo.

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The problem was, that I did wrong query. When editable property is 1 and we add a parameter to dataCombo, in query it stand second sign of ?. First sign of ? is user's entered search string in dataCombo.

For instance: there is a sql "SELECT id, name FROM table WHERE some = ? AND name = ?"

The parameter value is second sign of ?.  I thought earlier that parameter is first.

solved as per Rusian's last comment.