Hello Mary

I solved this problem in this way. Found by context Prevent page refresh at session end - #;YSD2224
method  ##class(%CSP.Util.AutoPage) .DrawAutoLogout ()
Modified the place:
If % request.URL'["UtilSqlQuery.csp" {
I think there is something similar in the Healthshare portal.
But you'd better contact WRC.

If your projects have a Description attribute in the module, please republish anyway. There was a crash and some Descriptions were not included in the register.

Oh, how unexpected! Let's cut it down a bit to get another nice number of characters.

zn "%SYS",n="SL" d:'##class(Security.SSLConfigs).Exists(n) ##class(Security.SSLConfigs).Create(n) s u="https://pm.community.intersystems.com/packages/zpm/latest/installer" D ##class(%Net.URLParser).Parse(u,.c) s h=##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New(),h.Server=c("host"),h.Port=443,h.Https=1,h.SSLConfiguration=n,s=h.Get(c("path")) q:'s $System.Status.GetErrorText(s) s x=##class(%File).TempFilename("xml"),f=##class(%Stream.FileBinary).%New(),f.Filename=x d f.CopyFromAndSave(h.HttpResponse.Data) d h.%Close(),$system.OBJ.Load(x,"ck") do ##class(%File).Delete(x)

It's easier ?
setValue(params...) As %Status
  quit:params<2 0
  s name="%session.Data"
  for i=1:1:params-1 set:$GET(params(i))'="" name=$NA(@name@(params(i)))
  set @name=params(params)
  quit $$$OK

I really like the opportunity to see which modules are installed in which namespaces. And quickly go there without leaving the shell of the ZPM.

zpm: USER>help zn

namespace [<name>]

Alias: zn

  See list modules in namespace and go to the namespace



      Name namespace, * or context name*


zn *

      Show all modules in all namespaces

zn sql*

      Show all modules in namespaces by context