· May 13, 2020

How could we install zpm?


We have read the installation guide to get started with zpm package manager:


We wonder what means the second step:

"Import the zpm.xml into IRIS and compile via any desired way (Management Portal, Studio or Terminal)"


We have thought that it means to place the zpm-0.2.2.xml file inside "C:\InterSystems\HealthShare_2\opt\contenedor"

Then in the terminal, go inside one namespace:

zn "esbsscc"

After that we load and compile the .xml:

write $SYSTEM.OBJ.Load("C:\InterSystems\HealthShare_2\opt\contenedor\zpm-0.2.2.xml")


The terminal outputs:

Loading file C:\InterSystems\HealthShare_2\opt\contenedor\zpm-0.2.2.xml as xml
Imported class: %ZPM.Installer
Load finished successfully.


However, when we try to verify that it is installed:



What are the steps to install zpm package manager?


We have also read:

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BTW, there is a very good one-liner to install ZPM, cortesy of @Guillaume Rongier:

set $namespace="%SYS", name="DefaultSSL" do:'##class(Security.SSLConfigs).Exists(name) ##class(Security.SSLConfigs).Create(name) set url="" Do ##class(%Net.URLParser).Parse(url,.comp) set ht = ##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New(), ht.Server = comp("host"), ht.Port = 443, ht.Https=1, ht.SSLConfiguration=name, st=ht.Get(comp("path")) if 'st { w $System.Status.GetErrorText(st) q } set xml=##class(%File).TempFilename("xml"), tFile = ##class(%Stream.FileBinary).%New(), tFile.Filename = xml do tFile.CopyFromAndSave(ht.HttpResponse.Data) do ht.%Close(), $system.OBJ.Load(xml,"ck") do ##class(%File).Delete(xml)