Hello @Henry Pereira !

I think you created a fantastic tool with a great potential and roadmap.

I think your product is very wished by developers. Thank you to bring and share modern approaches to work with SQL.

My point starts from here.

MsgPack is a binary format of data representation.

How we can see on its specification (second link) MsgPack defines serialization/deserialization from common data types and structures into byte array.

I just want to implement the format as is.

When we see on serialization of string then we see that it looks like that:

| code (one byte) | length representation (1 or 2 or 4 bytes) | string bytes |

or for small strings:

| (code + length of string) (one byte) | string bytes |

For example for string "Fringe":

| 166 | 70 114 105 110 103 101 |

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hm... Maybe I missed something but I didn't understand where "it sounds like another New Language project"