Dear community!

What do you think about webinar "Declarative programming on COS"? I want to do such one.

I am going to tell about main points of declarative programming and how you can implement it in your real projects.

Please feel free to write your opinion here.

Please if you wish to become a member of such webinar write me a message to with subject "webinar".

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The DeclarativeCOS project is a heartfelt cry about programming in the COS language.

The purpose of the project is to draw attention of the public to improving the inner core of COS.

The idea of the project is the support of a laconic syntax for cycles and collections.

So what is this laconic something that I have come up with? Welcome to the examples below!


The key concept underlying the project is the declarative approach to writing code. You need to specify WHAT should be used and HOW.

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Caché offers a number of methods for going through a collection and doing something with its elements. The easiest method uses a while-loop and lets you fulfill the task in an imperative manner. The developer needs to take care of the iterator, jumping to the next element and checking if the loop is within the collection.

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