[@Robert.Cemper], would you mind to take participation in new lang discussion?

wink thank you! I think it would be interesting! Thank you for your support! cool

Thank you for BabelJS. Never heard about it. cool

So, you know, I thought about creating new language which could be translated into COS.

The language have to support all modern concepts like FP, OOP, Generics (Java generics) and etc.

What do you think about it?

Thank you Robert Cemper!

Yeah, COS really has ZZ extensions. Also, you have interesting point of view on Go and Angular smiley

Isn't this enough for thousands of developers that haven't asked for it nor have a need  for it?  

Years ago engineers was happy because they have simplest command like ADD, MOV, JMP.

And now we have a lot of abstraction layers which cover low-level commands.

And I think our programs became better.


Please, don't think that I am disagree with you. I just try to discover the root of... What developers really need?

Maybe. Maybe ZZ extensions is okay. Maybe. Not every cool thing or framework should be integrated into language. yes

Thank you, Herman Slagman!

Yeah, COS could support more modern concepts and technologies. But we should note that COS supports JSON natively now. It is good step to new bless future of COS.

How you think why ISC implements new features slowly?

I think it's inevitable. I think every language with long history should support legacy and any new feature should be well tested. so... Development team of certain language (even if they really want to implement new feature as soon as possible) have to implement new features slowly.

I think another moment is community state. Maybe something couldn't implement because the community  has no strong wish have it in language ecosystem.


Would you mind if I join your project?) I think it would be good experience to me) Maybe we can start to make something interesting)


About current issues. Yes, I understand you.


Why you decided to make your proof-of-concept project? :-)

Do you plan to support and improve your proof-of-concept project?