¡Hola Comunidad!

2020 nos trajo un montón de aplicaciones increíbles.

Casi 400 aplicaciones ya han sido subidas al Open Exchange de InterSystems. De las cuáles, más de 200 se subieron en 2020!

Por ello, estamos encantados de anunciar los mejores desarrolladores de Open Exchange y las aplicaciones más descargadas, que indudablemente deberíais probar.


Vamos a echar un vistazo a nuestros "héroes" y sus extraordinarias aplicaciones:

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Hi Community,

2020 was full of great applications! 

Almost 400 apps have already been uploaded to InterSystems Open Exchange! And 200+ apps uploaded to our applications gallery in 2020!

We're so pleased to introduce the best Open Exchange developers and the most downloaded apps that you should definitely try!


Let's take a closer look at our heroes and remarkable apps:

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Hey Community,

You should know all the contest participants and their cool apps! Please welcome:

🔥 @Rubens Silva and his projects: iris-ci and iris-ci-demo.

🔥 @alex kosinets and his Reports from global.

🔥 @Dmitrii Kuznetsov and his units

🔥 @Dmitriy Maslennikov and his projects: BlocksExplorer and isc-tar.

🔥 @David Crawford and his projects: Dynamic SQL to Dynamic Object and ObjectScript-Foreach.

🔥 @Lorenzo Scalese and his projects: isc-global-size-tracing and isc-live-global-mover

🔥 @Oliver Wilms and his FileMailer.

🔥 @Gevorg Arutiunian and his projects: IDP DV and ISC DEV

🔥 @Henry Pereira and his projects: CosFaker and sql-builder

🔥 @Maks Atygaev and declarative-objectscript

🔥 @Henrique Gonçalves Dias and his projects: isc-utils and isc-generate-db

🔥 @Sergey Mikhailenko and his isc-apptools.

🔥 @Alexey Maslov and his cmPurgeBackup

Thank you all for your great contribution to the InterSystems' world of developers! 

What do you mean by overhead from $lb? 

I mean overhead from

  • Converting string to/from $lb
  • Converting each char to/from number


What is $c(166), some magic number?

Essentially. 166(dec) = 10100110(bin), where 101 means  fixstr datatype (stores a byte array whose length is upto 31 bytes) and 00110(dec) = 6(dec) which is the length of the string.

And why you encode the string as a list of codes, why not keep it as a string?

@Maks Atygaev as an advocate of that approach can clarify his position.