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Our contestant @Maks Atygaev recorded a promo video specially for the IRIS Programming Contest! Please welcome:

⏯ Declarative ObjectScript Promo

Big applause! Great video content! 👏🏼

P.s. This is a prime example of how you can increase your chances of winning a contest.

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What do you mean by overhead from $lb? 

I mean overhead from

  • Converting string to/from $lb
  • Converting each char to/from number


What is $c(166), some magic number?

Essentially. 166(dec) = 10100110(bin), where 101 means  fixstr datatype (stores a byte array whose length is upto 31 bytes) and 00110(dec) = 6(dec) which is the length of the string.

And why you encode the string as a list of codes, why not keep it as a string?

@Maks Atygaev as an advocate of that approach can clarify his position.