Great to hear that is is now available. Just something I was waiting for to use in my projects.

Agreed with Danny. It really depends on the use case you are working on and what you really need from a table or object and how frequently it is retrieved.

So many you can ask your question a little bit different Evgeny.

The first approach I often use when building API and need to return a lot of values of the object. SQL when I need a few just as Danny mentioned and the GetStored when I need some value fast .

I love IRIS and using it in already a couple of solutions. This is even greater to adopt IRIS over the full line. Keep up the good work !

Oh this is great. We have made our own JSON adapter but having this  standard in IRIS is great ! 

Nice post helped me a lot to understand how OAuth can be used with InterSystems IRIS

We have an opportunity where our client asks also for an OPC UA connector in IRIS and I have found this post about it. Does anyone have already something like this and some links to find some more information about OPC UA ?