Stefan Wittmann · Aug 5, 2019

Announcing the release of InterSystems API Manager

I am happy to announce that InterSystems API Manager is now generally available. InterSystems API Manager (IAM) is a new feature of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™, enabling you to monitor, control and govern traffic to and from web-based APIs within your IT infrastructure.

The number of API deployments is skyrocketing across industries as more companies build service-oriented application layers. As this number grows, software environments are becoming more distributed, making it critical for API traffic to be properly governed and monitored. InterSystems API Manager provides ease of use by enabling developers to route all traffic through a centralized gateway and forward requests to the appropriate target nodes. Developers using InterSystems API Manager will also be able to:

  • Monitor all API traffic in a central location allowing users to identify and solve issues;
  • Control API traffic by throttling throughput, configuring allowable payload sizes, whitelist or blacklist IP addresses, and take endpoints into maintenance mode;
  • Onboard internal and external developers by providing interactive API documentation through a dedicated and customizable developer portal; and
  • Secure APIs in one central place.

InterSystems API Manager works with InterSystems IRIS or IRIS for Health 2019.2 and up. (Customers using 2019.2 need a new build, 2019., now available from the WRC Software Distribution Site).

In order to take advantage of IAM, partners require an InterSystems IRIS license that includes API Management capabilities. This is available free of charge but InterSystems has to issue a new key to enable the functionality.

The IAM distribution is only available in container format. It can be downloaded from the WRC Software Distribution site.

Documentation is part of the regular InterSystems IRIS documentation: InterSystems API Manager Documentation

The IAM version corresponding to this release is 0.34-1-1.


Additional resources

The official Press Release can be found here: InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.2 introduces API Management capabilities

A short animated overview video: What is InterSystems API Manager

An 8-minute video walking you through some of the key highlights: Introducing InterSystems API Manager

A technical introduction on the developer community is now available: Introducing InterSystems API Manager

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The IAM distribution is only available in container format.

Are there plans for rollouting IAM distribution to other options than container and when they will rollout?

Hi Juha! 

Thanks for the question! 

What are the issues do you face with API Management with container? 

Hi Juha,

IAM is only available in container format and we have no plans to change that at this point in time. I would like to understand the background of your question. Would you prefer a regular installer and if so, why?




Great to hear that is is now available. Just something I was waiting for to use in my projects.

I updated the announcement adding a link to the technical introduction which I just published. Enjoy! :)

Can containerized IAM work with non-containerized InterSystems IRIS?

Yes. The first release of InterSystems IRIS that supports IAM and is available on all platforms is 2019.1.1.