Andreas Dieckow · Jun 28, 2019

InterSystems IRIS Adoption - Invitation

Conversion Sequence step 4 (see table below)

Over the last few months, we have made changes to InterSystems IRIS to make it easier for you to move from Caché/Ensemble (C/E) to InterSystems IRIS. The most significant adjustments are the re-introduction of non-Unicode databases and the in-place conversion. InterSystems IRIS now fully supports non-Unicode databases with all the functionally that already exists with Caché. The in-place conversion supports an upgradelike process to install InterSystems IRIS right on top of your existing C/E deployments. We call it a “conversion” because it transforms your C/E instance into a true InterSystems IRIS instance.

InterSystems is excited to invite you to our in-place conversion field test program. This program will be active until the end of July and provides you with early access for testing and experiencing your move from C/E to InterSystems IRIS. We have already concluded a limited pre-field test and are pleased that all customers have been able to successfully move their application and convert their existing instances to InterSystems IRIS.

What will you need to participate? InterSystems will give you access to two documents, a special kit of InterSystems IRIS that offers the features for this field test, and of course a license key.

InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide

The journey begins here, where you can discover the differences between the two product lines and learn all the information you need to port your application to InterSystems IRIS. Once you have your application running on InterSystems IRIS, you can move to the next step. By the way, you don’t need to do anything special to activate the non-Unicode aspect.

InterSystems IRIS Conversion Guide

This document describes, in great detail, all the aspects and considerations for converting a single instance or instances that are part of mirror configurations.

The guides, InterSystems IRIS kit, and license key are available from our WRC download server. Look for the files that have the word “conversion” in the name.

Support for the in-place conversion and non-Unicode support will be released with InterSystems IRIS 2019.1.1 before the summer is over. Please do not use the field test kit to convert production installations.

Please send all feedback to, which will route your message straight to the team that will assist you.

We hope to engage with you during this field test and include your feedback in the official release.


IRIS Adoption Initiative - Sequencing


Migrations or Conversion from/to



Migration to IRIS or IRIS for Health

Available today


Migration of TrakCare to IRIS for Health


Available today


 In-place conversion to HealthShare Health Connect

Available today; Contact InterSystems for details


 In-place conversion to IRIS

Limited Field Test: completed

Public Field Test: June 27, 2019

Expected completion: July 31, 2019


In-place conversion to IRIS for Health

Q3 2019


In-place conversion to HealthShare {IE, PD, HI, ….}

Q4 2019


In-place conversions are supported for Caché and Ensemble versions 2016.2 and later.

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I love IRIS and using it in already a couple of solutions. This is even greater to adopt IRIS over the full line. Keep up the good work !

IRIS is a very good product, with many new capabilities.

However, as IRIS is available on 64 bit O/S only, customers running for Cache/Emsemble on (old) 32 bit O/S, will have to migrate those to 64 bit O/S before they can migrate to IRIS.

That is correct, InterSystems IRIS will not run on 32 bit OS systems. 


I'm not technical, so please forgive my inability to answer this question from reading your post. Is any of the above relevant to a conversion from MapR to IRIS? 

No, the focus of this conversion is to enable existing C/E customers to move to InterSystems IRIS.

Another concern is if your current (Cache/Ensemble) is using external calls using COM objects (proxy classes to external DLLs).

It looks like that on IRIS this functionality was totally removed:
- The "activate wizard" in Studio no longer exists
- The %Activate package is also removed.


Is there any difference of in-place conversion feature on different HealthShare instances?

I am trying to do inplace-conversion with HealthShare 2018 to IRIS, the installer is supposed to ask me what instance (Cache, Ensemble, HealthShare,...) I want to convert, but it isn't. It just go on full install a new IRIS.

Am I missing something?


Which the recommendation to migrate to IRIS if a Ensemble license is like that?

Elite, Multi-Server, Platform Independent 

Whats happens with the license, since is not compatible with Iris?

I suggest you work with your Sales Rep to discussion licensing options. 

As a licensed customer you can go to in order to grab an InterSystems IRIS evaluation key for trying out the product.